The Membership Contest

The membership contest will be a reference based contest. For each person that tells Get That Card! that you referred them to GTC! and becomes a member, you will receive 3 entries in the next drawing for a prize. For every 10 people that become members that you have referred, you will receive an additional 3 entries. For every member that they refer, you will get 2 entries, and for every member they refer, you will get 1 entry. As of right now, drawings are planned to be monthly, however, since this is just getting off the ground, the first drawing will most likely take place around January 1, 2001. Prizes will be small at first, but if enough people join, there is a chance that the prizes will grow. Currently, plans are for monthly prize winners to receive one pack of cards of their choice from the past year, not to exceed $5. Or the winner may save the winnings toward larger prizes in the event that the same winner wins again. Once you win, you will not lose your prize. Possibly there will be more ways to gain entries, and also it's possible that there will be a yearly drawing for a larger prize. Full rules will be posted as soon as possible. If you would like to start gaining entries for prizes, feel free to start. Remember, that you will be able to accumulate entries up until Dec 31, 2000 for this first ever GTC! drawing for a pack of cards. I may be in the Christmas spirit, so the prize may grow.

There is now one award available! If there is enough support for Get That Card! in the future, there will be more awards given out such as "Site of the Month", "Site of the Year", "Most Improved Site", "Get That Card! Volunteer", "Get That Card! Contributor", etc.

Join Now! Here is what the one award kind of looks like:

And here is a list of sites that actually earned the award and the certificate number awarded to each. In order to get this award, you must have successfully traded with me, the founder of Get That Card! You do not get more than one certificate for trading with me more than once. The first few are more special because fewer people know about my personal collection website, and therefore, just happen to trade with me.