Man Gives "Birth"

The life & times of GTC!

Get That Card! was born on March 14, 1999 at 4:30 am EST. The man whom developed (gave birth to) the idea out of frustration happens to be a set builder. After looking through many, many, many sites pertaining to his collection, he decided to build a "different" collection, a collection of websites and e-mail addresses of card collectors of all types. This one would be different from all those other Link Lists. The owner of each individual website & e-mail address would tell him where to list them. All lists are done alphabetically, but each and every owner would have the oppurtunity to place themselves in categories that relate to their own collecting interest. Hoping to get GTC! off and running, he added his new site to a few search engines, and started posting in relevant newsgroups about what could possibly revolutionize the way trading card collectors surf the net to advance their personal collections in the way they feel appropriate, whether that means getting more, trading even, or selling off.

Hoping that GTC! would not be a flop, and noticing a small interest appear in the GTC! mailbox, his hopes grew and continue to grow that GTC! will become a Web-Star (not to be confused with a specific dictionary brand). The only way for GTC! to get closer to Web-Stardom is for collectors like yourself to join and spread the word about GTC!.

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