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First Link: 3/14/99 Thank you to Collector Link

First Non-Sport and First Trader Links: 3/15/99 Thank you to Bob's Non Sport Trade Page
First Hockey, Hockey Insert Collector, Hockey Player Collector, Seller, Hockey Set Builder, Hockey Trader, and Hockey Set Collector Links: 3/16/99 Thank you to IcePigs Hockey Cards
First Football, Football Player, Buyer, Football Team Collector, and Football Trader Links: 3/18/99 Thank you to Rick's Home Page Added 3/18/99 *Contributed some HTML code* (The code was altered, but help was appreciated!)
First Football Rookie Collector: Thanks to Footballand Added 3/20/99
First Baseball Collector, Baseball Set Builder, Basketball Collector, and Basketball Set Builder: Thanks to Hookman's Haven Added 4/1/99
First Baseball Team Collector, Baseball Rookie Collector, and Baseball Player Collector: Thanks to Trader Crack's Added 4/10/99
First Animated logo donated by: Sport's Center Added 4/11/99
First Dealer: Thanks to Lora's Non-Sports Cards Added 5/11/99
First Email Collector and PSA Collector: Thanks to Ricky - Added 5/15/99
First Star Collector, Brand Collector, and Hockey Team Collector: Thanks to Kevin - Added 6/27/99
First Parallel Collector, Error Collector, and Non-Sport PSA Collector: Thanks to Stuart and Barbara's Homepage Added 6/29/99
First Basketball Star Collector and Basketball Player Collector: Thanks to Ravi Hayashida's Incomparable Web Page Added 7/13/99
First Vintage Card Site and First to propose a category & get it approved: Thanks to IUCARDS Added 1/28/00
First Basketball Team Collector: Thanks to Ed2 Sports Cards! Added 3/27/00
First Auctioneer: Thanks to Collectibles Unlimited Added 10/19/00

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Links by Number

First Link: 3/14/99
Fifth Link: 3/18/99
Tenth Link: 3/27/99
25th Link: 7/13/99
50th Link: 8/2/00
100th Link: 5/13/01

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1000th visit 8/21/1999
Current Number of Unique Linkers: 109

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