Get That Card! is going to be a place where you can, as a card collector find anything and everything you need to complete that set, find that rare insert card, trade for your favorite players rookie card...for the 10th time, or sell your collection. What you need to do at this point is consider a few things.

1. How many people really are finding my site?
2. How many of those are really looking for my site?
3. How many deals could I make if EVERY collector could find me WITHOUT much hassle?
4. How much easier would it be to finish sets or find cards, if I had a bit of an idea of the collector's page I am about to view?

If your answers sound like "1. Not many. 2. Not even 25%. 3. Probably many more. 4. Probably much easier.", then it is time to add yourself to Get That Card! 's list! There will be sections for everyone. Player collectors, Set Builders, Team Collectors, Insert Collectors, Non-sport Collectors, EVERY card collector will have the opportunity to be listed here. All will be categorized as each collector feels necessary! That's right... YOU decide where you're listed. If you collect baseball cards only, you'll fall in the baseball only. If you only collect Michael Jordan, you will be in the Michael Jordan section. And you don't have to be limited to just one section! You will be allowed at this time 10 different sections to be listed under. That gives you the opportunity to list yourself under the major four sports, non-sports, your favorite team, AND four favorite players! Also there will be special lists for traders, buyers, sellers, auctioneers, and of course set builders! These will NOT count against your 10 different section limit. If the limit proves to be too limiting, then it may be raised.

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