GTC! News

New Inactive List

Unfortunately, I have had to remove 5 people from the groups lists because of non-functioning e-mail addresses and/or missing or malfunctioning webpages. I have left a list of them here. If you are the owner (or were the owner) of any of these and would either like to have them removed, or would like to reinstate or edit your membership, just drop a line or fill out a new application stating in the comments that you own(ed) one of these addresses. After one year of being inactive (having your site removed from the lists), your site will be removed from the inactive list and the membership will shrink due to your "dead" membership. Note: This is not a permanent removal from the group, nor will there be any repurcusions for not maintaining the previous site. I will keep a list of all "dead" members for personal/future reference.

New Non-member posting!!!

You can now post your site address on Get That Card! without becoming a member! Just follow the rules, and no body gets hurt. The rules are simple...use common sense & keep it strictly to cards that are commonly considered tradeable. Please do NOT post anything obscene. Also, Postcards & phonecards will be accommodated if requested.

Buy boxes and/or cases from Get That Card!

Soon there will be an oppurtunity to buy boxes of cards from Get That Card! More details will be posted as they are available. If interested in being notified when this option becomes available, please drop me a line at

Contests are on the way!

In order to increase membership and traffic to Get That Card! I've decided to give away some small prizes. As soon as I get all of the code done for these contests, I'll have the contests started. Contests will be for members only. The rules will be posted shortly, visit the GTC! Awards page for an idea of how it will work.

Player list expansion Finished

Player list expansion has been finalized, now each player collector page is seperated for faster loading.

Usernames/Passwords and other member benefits on the way!!!

9/30/00 GTC! is currently developing a plan to allow you to add to, delete, and change some of your data. Full implementation of this plan may take some time as I (Mike, GTC!'s owner, founder, and sole employee) must actually work for a living, and I'm attempting to learn how to do this all on my own or finding low-cost or free means of doing so. Among the benefits planned:
* These will have to be verified by GTC! in order for them to be completely changed.
^ This will be similar to what some of you may know as a Good Trader Point, or a reference list approval. The logistics and terms are very sketchy at this point, and GTC! is open to any suggestions at this point. Members will be listened to more than non-members, and in order for you to get a GTC! Good Transaction Forum Point, you will have to be a GTC! Member. Join now so you don't miss when this is implemented.

Players list to be expanded

9/30/00 I've decided that the player collector page is a bit too long, and therefore I've decided to make it more "compact" by just listing the names of the players as links and having those links link you to the pages of each player.

Website Failures, Bad E-mail Addresses

9/25/00 Unfortunately, I must report that after a long delay in checking on some members pages, I must report that I have found numerous bad e-mail addresses, abandoned or deleted websites, and outdated links. Some of the original members who put GTC! logos on their webpages from the old address on Angelfire thought they had the GTC! Logo, but instead they had an image stating "image hosted by angelfire". I wish this hadn't been done, but it has, and I've e-mailed those affected by this change. If you have any links to the old angelfire site, please update them to the correct website at . Many E-mails I've sent out have come back returned User Unknown, and others have what seem to be functioning websites, but e-mail addresses or links are bad or missing. For those people, you will remain on the list, however, you will have your links removed until you resurface. Please send those e-mails to: . If you do not respond by 12/31/00 I will create a new group of inactive members, where you will stay until you reclaim your GTC! Membership.

More Info!

1/20/00 Announcing the first GTC! Award! Get That Card Great Trader Certificates!!! A few will be awarded shortly, check the GTC! Awards page for more details.

7/13/99 Soon every one will have a link next to their link saying "More Info". The More Info Link (MIL) will show what other categories (if any) the linker is listed under. The MIL will also tell you any added information that doesn't fall into a category. Such as: Buying Player XYZ, will trade in your favor for Player ABC, Buying only specific cards but trading for others, etc.

After I have caught up, and made everyone a specific MIL, I'll convert these to an icon in front of everyone's link.